Business Apps Without the Need for Code

For most small businesses without an IT department, the reality of a mobile app can be challenging and costly. Custom app development to build your business app is both time consuming and expensive. Price tag can start at least $10,000 for US based developers, and that’s just for the initial creation and deployment of the app.

A few things you’d have to pay a freelance app developer for include:

  • Hourly Developer Rates. Some developers may even charge over a hundred dollars an hour, depending on their skills and availability/demand.
  • Design Costs. Depending on the size and complexity of your app, this could range well over a couple thousand dollars, even into tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Development Time. You never know how long it will take a developer to design and build your app.
  • Availability. If a developer is in high demand and has a busy schedule, their rates could go up.
  • Quotes and Reviews. It will take time (and cost money) to review apps, tell developers what you need changed, and signing off on the finished product.
  • Bug Testing After all the above, you will need to pay to bug test / QA test your mobile app to ensure it works as advertised.

Shaw Mobile Apps can save any business tens of thousands of dollars when developing a mobile app.

With Shaw Mobile Apps, you can avoid all of these added costs and the extra time that is involved with hiring an outside app developer. You’ll have hands-on control over the building process of your own app, adding the features & functions you want, at a fraction of the cost.

The mobile app we build will be specific to your business and vision. Avoid the headaches of mobile app development and get started with Shaw Mobile Apps today. 707-628-8363

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