Mobile Apps – One of the Strategies to Help Grow Your Business

Your business — and the world around it — is changing all the time. Years ago, a fan of a business would sign up for a mailing list. Nowadays, they want much richer connections. And if your willing, give your customers a business app to them, you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

Customer-friendly mobile apps

More and more, when a customer is a fan of a business, they’re coming to expect to be able to download its app. Apps let customers learn of new specials, deals, and events, help them connect with other customers in fan communities, allow them to submit mobile orders, and lots more.

“Consumers are going into the app store to try to solve a problem or fill a need,” Ray Sidney-Smith, owner of W3 Consulting, a marketing and technology management firm in Alexandria, said. “If they search and an app comes up, and it’s your small business, you can become their long-term solution every time they need one of your products.”

Consumer-facing businesses, including retailers and restaurants, can be well-served by spending a bit more money to develop a separate mobile app.

Nicole Fallon from BusinessNewsDaily maps out four marketing strategies, including mobile apps, to refresh your efforts and boost your business growth if your marketing has become stale.

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